True North

A program for students who have no idea what they want to do after high school

This year more than a million students will graduate from high school in America alone, and most of them know what’s expected of them: go to college, get good grades, and get a job.  However, hundreds of thousands of them have no clue what they want to do when they graduate.

From the valedictorian to the least academic, students are asking themselves these questions:

Why do so many of my friends seem to know what they want to do when I don’t? 

Should I go to college without a clear career path and risk racking up student loan debt for a degree I don’t enjoy?  

If I don’t go to college, am I condemning myself to a life without opportunities?

What if I make the wrong choice and end up in a career I hate?

What the vast majority of high school students need – even before deciding whether or not to attend college – is a vision for what they want out of life.  If they don’t have a clear goal to attain, they don’t know if college helps them get it.

That’s what True North does.   We work with students – individually or self-guided through The Academy – to help them create a plan for their lives that not only inspires them but empowers them to make it happen.  Students graduate from the program with a True North, a guiding set of criteria for making decisions in key areas of their lives: education, career, relationships, and personal growth.

True North is a short-term program, but its effects are felt for decades.  Schedule an appointment today for a call with Sam to determine whether this program is a good fit for you.


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