051: College Spotlight on the University of Pittsburgh

As many college students and alumni will tell you, the perfect college sometimes sneaks up on you.  That’s what happened to today’s guest, Adrienne Newcomer, when she visited Pitt as a high school junior.  She went to placate her parents, but when you step onto the campus of a school with vast resources in a […]

050: The Writing Process and Supplemental Essays

Part 2 of a 2-part series

If you listened to the first part of my interview with Dr. Donna Kirschner, college admissions essay coach, you have the mindset you need to write a great essay.  But what about the process, the nuts and bolts of writing an essay that separates your application from the thousands of other students’ who are vying […]

049: The Unique Importance of the College Essay

Part 1 of a 2-part series

Do you know the value of the essay in your college application?  Do you know how to take your Common App essay to the next level?  Do you know how to separate yourself from the thousands of students applying to your top-choice school?  Fortunately, Dr. Donna Kirschner does! As an admissions essay coach, Dr. Kirschner […]

046: Johns Hopkins University and Making the Most of the Perfect College for You

Mike Buxbaum is a junior at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD, one of the best schools on the East Coast (okay, okay, the nation.  Relax.).  Mike’s journey to Hopkins is a great example of knowing what you’re looking for in a college and then making the most of it once you arrive.  During our […]

043: Eastern University and Getting the Most Value from College with Jordan Norris

What’s even better than finding the college that is right for you?  Making the most of it once you get there!  If you’re looking for the maximum return on investment from your college experience, you’ll love today’s interview with Jordan Norris. This episode is the perfect marriage between finding a “best-fit” school and then making the […]

042: West Chester University and the Blueprint for the Perfect College

Today’s episode features a College Spotlight on West Chester (PA) University with Ethan Martin, which serves as a case study for how to choose the perfect college for you.  The interesting part is that Ethan didn’t know he was following a blueprint for success… but that’s also the scary part because so few people do! […]

038: College Spotlight on the University of Delaware with Kellsey Reed

Today’s College Spotlight is on the University of Delaware in Newark, DE, and our virtual tour guide is Kellsey Reed, who is just five weeks from graduation!  Kellsey shares interesting insights into her journey to UD and how it has positioned her to launch a rewarding career when she leaves. Kelsey didn’t initially want to […]

037: How to Discover What You Want to Do with Your Life

One of the biggest barriers that students face when choosing a college is answering the question, “What am I going to do with my life?”  If they decide to attend college,  unless they have answered that question, they risk missing out on the best that college can offer.  So, how can you figure out what […]