048: Creating Your College Experience with DiscipleMakers

Brian Stenson rejoins the podcast to share the mission and day-to-day activities of a faith-based organization called DiscipleMakers.  If you interested in developing your faith while you’re in college, you’ll enjoy learning more about DM.  However, if an organization like DM isn’t for you, there is still a lot you can get out of this […]

True North

A program for students who have no idea what they want to do after high school

This year more than a million students will graduate from high school in America alone, and most of them know what’s expected of them: go to college, get good grades, and get a job.  However, hundreds of thousands of them have no clue what they want to do when they graduate. From the valedictorian to […]

021: Owning Your Faith in College with Brian Stenson

Many Christian students and their families wrestle with this question each fall: Should I attend a Christian college or a non-Christian (secular) college?  How can I “keep the faith” while I’m at school?  Do I even want to?  Brian Stenson has a story that makes a vital point when considering this topic. Resources discussed during […]

020: How to Become a College Mascot with Paul Biedlingmaier

One of the coolest things about college is the opportunity to be part of something bigger than yourself, to contribute to the student body in a way that enhances everyone’s experience… even if no one knows you’re doing it!  How better to do that than as a college mascot? Paul Biedlingmaier shares his experience as […]

016: Guiding Your Multi-talented Student through the College Process with Karen Henkels

How do you advise a student who is gifted academically and in the arts?  What if he or she doesn’t know which major to study or which career to pursue?  You start by learning from others who have gone through the process! Karen Henkels shares her experience navigating the college selection process with her firstborn, […]

015: Finding Success through Failure with Joe Golonka

Episode 2 of 6 in a series

Are you so scared of failing that you are missing out on success?  Many students are conditioned to believe that doing something incorrectly or getting turned down is a sign of an inherent flaw, so they avoid doing anything that might not work out the first time.  In our interview today, Joe Golonka encourages us […]

014: Strategies for Paying for College with Adam Carroll

One of the biggest challenges that students and their families face when choosing whether or not to attend college (and after that, which college to attend) is how to pay for it.  It’s no secret that college attendees are seldom equipped to pay their school loan debt once they leave school and often struggle for […]

011: Plan B Path to College

Tom Bell, a senior at Drexel University, shares that his journey to college was not as smooth and straightforward as he thought it would be.  However, what he learned along the way can help all students who are choosing colleges or currently attending! Tom discusses some of the lessons that come with having one’s Plan A […]

010: The Benefits of Studying Abroad with Nichole Sickel from Arcadia University

Today’s guest is Nichole Sickel, a student at Arcadia University who jumped into a study abroad program with both feet… five days into her freshman year!  She shares her experience and the lessons she learned along the way in this interview. Nicole tells of being very hesitant to travel so far from home, especially in […]