(Re)defining the Perfect College

A new way to look at an outdated paradigm

What’s the “Best” College? When I talk to students and parents about choosing a college, I use the term “best college;” while it is a familiar concept, using it in the way I do with my students will differentiate your approach to the college search from almost everyone else’s. Even better, once you determine to […]

Philadelphia Summer Academy 2016

Determine your career and choose the best college in one week!

Is your son looking forward to going to college but not sure which one is right for him?  Or maybe your daughter knows that college is the best decision after high school but is anxious about the process because she can’t determine which of a number of promising career options is best. Have you seen […]

031: The Importance of Choosing a Major Before You Attend with Judy McGuriman

Have you heard this advice before: “Just go to college and you’ll figure out what you want to do.”  Or once you get into a college, does the college tell you that it’s okay to start school without declaring a major?  Today’s conversation with Judy McGuriman is essential if you are planning to attend college but […]

True North

A program for students who have no idea what they want to do after high school

This year more than a million students will graduate from high school in America alone, and most of them know what’s expected of them: go to college, get good grades, and get a job.  However, hundreds of thousands of them have no clue what they want to do when they graduate. From the valedictorian to […]

016: Guiding Your Multi-talented Student through the College Process with Karen Henkels

How do you advise a student who is gifted academically and in the arts?  What if he or she doesn’t know which major to study or which career to pursue?  You start by learning from others who have gone through the process! Karen Henkels shares her experience navigating the college selection process with her firstborn, […]

006: What I Wish I Would Have Known with Sam’s Mom

Today’s interview is with… my mom!  Leigh Anne shares her experience as a mother of a headstrong son (that would be me), the first of her children to go to college. How she felt limited in her ability to help me: Her personal experience with college (or lack thereof) Our relationship Not knowing who else can […]