039: Academic Success Through Personal Success with Dr. Cherita Weatherspoon

When students aren’t performing well in the classroom, the first solution offered is usually to study harder, put in more time with an instructor, or cut out extracurriculars.  However, as Dr. Cherita Weatherspoon shares in today’s episode, sometimes the path to academic success is being blocked by personal debris. Dr. Weatherspoon has worked in higher […]

038: College Spotlight on the University of Delaware with Kellsey Reed

Today’s College Spotlight is on the University of Delaware in Newark, DE, and our virtual tour guide is Kellsey Reed, who is just five weeks from graduation!  Kellsey shares interesting insights into her journey to UD and how it has positioned her to launch a rewarding career when she leaves. Kelsey didn’t initially want to […]

036: The Benefits of Accountability with Dave Dempsey

Dave Dempsey is no stranger to accountability.  As an athlete in high school he was accountable to his teammates and his coaches, and he always delivered.  But college was different because he was only really accountable to himself, which made for a difficult beginning… Dave shares his journey at Drexel University from a rocky freshman […]

035: Should I Transfer to Another School? with Joe Golonka

Should I stay or should I go now? Joe Golonka, a senior at Penn State University, started his college education at Bloomsburg University, leaving Bloomsburg after his sophomore year.  In our conversation he breaks down his reasons for leaving Bloomsburg and offers suggestions to students considering a similar move. Four questions to ask yourself if you’re […]

How Your Values (Should) Influence Your College Choice

“When your values are clear to you, making decisions becomes easier.” – Roy E. Disney Note: This is one part of the comprehensive True North program offered by My College Life Coach.  A podcast episode on this topic can be found here. One of the key beliefs that informs our approach to career development and college […]

022: Making College Work for You with Riana Catanzaro

While some students find the school that captures the perfect combination of personal preferences and career preparation, others are faced with the reality of giving up certain things that they want in a college in order to get what’s most important. Riana Catanzaro, who will graduate from the Fashion Institute of Technology in just three years, offers […]

020: How to Become a College Mascot with Paul Biedlingmaier

One of the coolest things about college is the opportunity to be part of something bigger than yourself, to contribute to the student body in a way that enhances everyone’s experience… even if no one knows you’re doing it!  How better to do that than as a college mascot? Paul Biedlingmaier shares his experience as […]

019: Student Success at Community College with Jenn Mullen

Montgomery County Community College‘s Jenn Mullen answers the question that many parents and students ask: What do I do if I’m not ready for the academics of college?  At least at MCCC, there’s a great answer! Jenn teaches a College Success class for students who score at “pre-college” levels on MCCC’s placement exams; simply put, […]

012: A Preview of ManuFest 2016!

Today’s episode is all about an upcoming event called ManuFest 2016.  If you’re interested in a career-based education, you will love learning more about this expo! Career-based education begins by deciding on a career and then choosing the best education available to begin that career as soon as possible.  ManuFest 2016, a youth manufacturing expo, […]

010: The Benefits of Studying Abroad with Nichole Sickel from Arcadia University

Today’s guest is Nichole Sickel, a student at Arcadia University who jumped into a study abroad program with both feet… five days into her freshman year!  She shares her experience and the lessons she learned along the way in this interview. Nicole tells of being very hesitant to travel so far from home, especially in […]