Choose the Perfect College… for You!

With more than 4,000 colleges and universities in the U.S. alone, students face an increasingly difficult task: finding a school that will prepare them for a rewarding career and a fulfilling life. College admissions coach Sam Feeney has worked with hundreds of students and families with the goal of finding the perfect college for each student, and he distills his unique, step-by-step process in this book. Written to students – but helpful for adults who are guiding students through the college selection process – Choose the Perfect College… for You! offers a refreshing take on college selection that will empower students, teaching them to measure schools against each other in four key areas: academics, campus life, opportunities, and finances.

For families who don’t know where to start, this is a new way to think about choosing a college, beginning with asking specific questions that will produce the most important information. For students who have narrowed down their college options to just a few, the book provides a means of identifying their priorities and ultimately choosing the best school.

Wherever you are in the college selection process, Choose the Perfect College… for You! is a tool that will help you make the best decision about what to do after high school.
Note: Purchase of the ebook includes a downloadable workbook to personalize your college search criteria (!

052: How to Prepare for the PSAT

Mitch Blatstein, owner of Education Plus, Inc., gives us an inside look at October’s PSAT, including its multiple uses (such as the National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test) and how to prepare for it, whether it’s three months or three days away! Resources related to the episode: Education Plus, Inc. SAT examined (interview with Mitch) ACT examined (interview with Mitch) […]

October 2016 Newsletter

Seniors: The FAFSA comes early! For the first time ever, your earliest opportunity to complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is October 1!  The previous date of January 1 considered the most recent year’s income information, but they are now using the previous full year; in this case, 2015 tax returns will be the […]

051: College Spotlight on the University of Pittsburgh

As many college students and alumni will tell you, the perfect college sometimes sneaks up on you.  That’s what happened to today’s guest, Adrienne Newcomer, when she visited Pitt as a high school junior.  She went to placate her parents, but when you step onto the campus of a school with vast resources in a […]

048: Creating Your College Experience with DiscipleMakers

Brian Stenson rejoins the podcast to share the mission and day-to-day activities of a faith-based organization called DiscipleMakers.  If you interested in developing your faith while you’re in college, you’ll enjoy learning more about DM.  However, if an organization like DM isn’t for you, there is still a lot you can get out of this […]

Why You Must Find the Perfect College… for You!

Here are the facts: Each year more than one million students enter college as freshmen. Only 59% of them will graduate (64% at private schools) …within six years. Of those who graduate, only 27% work in their degree field. The average student loan burden is $27,800. These statistics are not designed to scare you; they […]

(Re)defining the Perfect College

A new way to look at an outdated paradigm

What’s the “Best” College? When I talk to students and parents about choosing a college, I use the term “best college;” while it is a familiar concept, using it in the way I do with my students will differentiate your approach to the college search from almost everyone else’s. Even better, once you determine to […]

046: Johns Hopkins University and Making the Most of the Perfect College for You

Mike Buxbaum is a junior at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD, one of the best schools on the East Coast (okay, okay, the nation.  Relax.).  Mike’s journey to Hopkins is a great example of knowing what you’re looking for in a college and then making the most of it once you arrive.  During our […]

Philadelphia Summer Academy 2016

Determine your career and choose the best college in one week!

Is your son looking forward to going to college but not sure which one is right for him?  Or maybe your daughter knows that college is the best decision after high school but is anxious about the process because she can’t determine which of a number of promising career options is best. Have you seen […]