True North

A program for students who have no idea what they want to do after high school

This year more than a million students will graduate from high school in America alone, and most of them know what’s expected of them: go to college, get good grades, and get a job.  However, hundreds of thousands of them have no clue what they want to do when they graduate. From the valedictorian to […]

017: PA School for Global Entrepreneurship with Corway Chao

How can you get a taste of a career if you’re in high school?  Use your summer to participate in an experience that exposes you to different types of careers, people from all over the world, and real-life application of your skills.  Take a break from applying for summer jobs and listen to what Corway Chao […]

016: Guiding Your Multi-talented Student through the College Process with Karen Henkels

How do you advise a student who is gifted academically and in the arts?  What if he or she doesn’t know which major to study or which career to pursue?  You start by learning from others who have gone through the process! Karen Henkels shares her experience navigating the college selection process with her firstborn, […]

012: A Preview of ManuFest 2016!

Today’s episode is all about an upcoming event called ManuFest 2016.  If you’re interested in a career-based education, you will love learning more about this expo! Career-based education begins by deciding on a career and then choosing the best education available to begin that career as soon as possible.  ManuFest 2016, a youth manufacturing expo, […]

006: What I Wish I Would Have Known with Sam’s Mom

Today’s interview is with… my mom!  Leigh Anne shares her experience as a mother of a headstrong son (that would be me), the first of her children to go to college. How she felt limited in her ability to help me: Her personal experience with college (or lack thereof) Our relationship Not knowing who else can […]

MCLC 001: What I Wish I Would Have Known

An autobiographical episode

Sam takes a few minutes to tell you of his journey to college and how different his process for choosing a graduate school was, including which was better and why.  Listening to this episode will help you understand his approach to helping students and families make great decisions about their education.

The Art of Self-Directed Learning

A different way to look at education

I recently had the pleasure of attending a lecture by Blake Boles, author of The Art of Self-Directed Learning, at a local learning cooperative event.  Boles is the director of Unschool Adventures and the founder of Zero Tuition College. If you’re not familiar with Boles’s work, you have at least heard about people like him, people who believe […]

A Mentor’s Credibility

Does Your Mentor Have What You Want?

The most important characteristic of a great mentor is that he or she has or has accomplished what you want.  This can be expressed in looking for the “fruit on the tree” – if I’m looking for apples, I will choose an apple tree as the source of my seeds.  If I want corn, I […]

How to Define an Amazing Career

Do you want to have an amazing career?  What does that even mean? Before you can hit a target you have to see it, but very few people have clearly identified what they are looking for in a career.  That’s why so few people have a great career: they don’t know what they are trying […]

The First Key to an Amazing Career: Self-Awareness

As the great philosopher once said, “Know thyself.”  In this simple, two-word command is a pretty daunting task because we are complex and sometimes complicated creatures.  However, it is essential advice if you want to have an amazing career.  In order to identify the right work for a person, you must be aware of its main […]