Philadelphia Summer Academy 2016

Determine your career and choose the best college in one week!

Is your son looking forward to going to college but not sure which one is right for him?  Or maybe your daughter knows that college is the best decision after high school but is anxious about the process because she can’t determine which of a number of promising career options is best. Have you seen […]

044: Thaddeus Stevens and the Best of Both Worlds with Warren Taylor

    Links to material in or related to this conversation: Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology Manufacturing Expo/Careers in Manufacturing (podcast episode) Millersville University Drexel University Temple University California University of Pennsylvania Have a question about Thaddeus Stevens or careers in technical (STEM) fields?  Leave a question or comment below, and Warren will answer it […]

042: West Chester University and the Blueprint for the Perfect College

Today’s episode features a College Spotlight on West Chester (PA) University with Ethan Martin, which serves as a case study for how to choose the perfect college for you.  The interesting part is that Ethan didn’t know he was following a blueprint for success… but that’s also the scary part because so few people do! […]

037: How to Discover What You Want to Do with Your Life

One of the biggest barriers that students face when choosing a college is answering the question, “What am I going to do with my life?”  If they decide to attend college,  unless they have answered that question, they risk missing out on the best that college can offer.  So, how can you figure out what […]

How Your Values (Should) Influence Your College Choice

“When your values are clear to you, making decisions becomes easier.” – Roy E. Disney Note: This is one part of the comprehensive True North program offered by My College Life Coach.  A podcast episode on this topic can be found here. One of the key beliefs that informs our approach to career development and college […]

032: How Your Values Can Help You Choose a College

It may seem obvious that you should base your decision about which college to attend on what’s most important to you, for example on your values.  But how can you do that if you don’t know what your values are?  Today’s episode is a lesson in identifying your values so that you can make the best decisions in […]

031: The Importance of Choosing a Major Before You Attend with Judy McGuriman

Have you heard this advice before: “Just go to college and you’ll figure out what you want to do.”  Or once you get into a college, does the college tell you that it’s okay to start school without declaring a major?  Today’s conversation with Judy McGuriman is essential if you are planning to attend college but […]

026: Making Your Mess Your Message with Adam Carroll

What happens when you wake up and realize that you’re not where you want to be in life?  What if you’ve done everything that you’re “supposed to” and it isn’t that great?  You have two options: bury your head in the sand or change and use the experience to help others – you make your […]

023: Pennsylvania Free Enterprise Week with Kevin Chen

Are you interested in a career in business?  If so, what if you could “try it on for size” for a week to see if you like it before committing to the major in college?  Then you need to check out Pennsylvania Free Enterprise Week! Kevin Chen takes a break from his classes at UC […]

022: Making College Work for You with Riana Catanzaro

While some students find the school that captures the perfect combination of personal preferences and career preparation, others are faced with the reality of giving up certain things that they want in a college in order to get what’s most important. Riana Catanzaro, who will graduate from the Fashion Institute of Technology in just three years, offers […]