020: How to Become a College Mascot with Paul Biedlingmaier

One of the coolest things about college is the opportunity to be part of something bigger than yourself, to contribute to the student body in a way that enhances everyone’s experience… even if no one knows you’re doing it!  How better to do that than as a college mascot? Paul Biedlingmaier shares his experience as […]

013: College Spotlight on The Ohio State University with Amber Pharazyn

Today’s College Spotlight shines brightly on THE Ohio State University!  Our guest is Amber Pharazyn, a senior who is graduating in May with a degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Studies. Amber shares her story of choosing OSU – including why she was initially hesitant to attend – and what she has done to create […]

008: College Spotlight on U of VI with Joe Charles

Today’s College Spotlight is on the University of the Virgin Islands on St. Thomas.  Why didn’t I know this place existed when I was applying to schools?!  Oh yeah, because I was searching for colleges based entirely on prestige and rank. Anyway, Joe Charles is our guide on this virtual campus tour, and he is […]

007: Sorority as Community with Katie Depman

from West Chester University's Alpha Delta Pi

Today’s guest is Katie Depman, a freshman at West Chester University in the Philadelphia, PA area.  Katie shares her somewhat rocky transition from high school to college, including initially feeling homesick and isolated.  However, she credits her sorority with helping her create a community on campus, which has improved her college experience. She had some preconceived […]