048: Creating Your College Experience with DiscipleMakers

Brian Stenson rejoins the podcast to share the mission and day-to-day activities of a faith-based organization called DiscipleMakers.  If you interested in developing your faith while you’re in college, you’ll enjoy learning more about DM.  However, if an organization like DM isn’t for you, there is still a lot you can get out of this […]

046: Johns Hopkins University and Making the Most of the Perfect College for You

Mike Buxbaum is a junior at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD, one of the best schools on the East Coast (okay, okay, the nation.  Relax.).  Mike’s journey to Hopkins is a great example of knowing what you’re looking for in a college and then making the most of it once you arrive.  During our […]

044: Thaddeus Stevens and the Best of Both Worlds with Warren Taylor

    Links to material in or related to this conversation: Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology Manufacturing Expo/Careers in Manufacturing (podcast episode) Millersville University Drexel University Temple University California University of Pennsylvania Have a question about Thaddeus Stevens or careers in technical (STEM) fields?  Leave a question or comment below, and Warren will answer it […]

043: Eastern University and Getting the Most Value from College with Jordan Norris

What’s even better than finding the college that is right for you?  Making the most of it once you get there!  If you’re looking for the maximum return on investment from your college experience, you’ll love today’s interview with Jordan Norris. This episode is the perfect marriage between finding a “best-fit” school and then making the […]

042: West Chester University and the Blueprint for the Perfect College

Today’s episode features a College Spotlight on West Chester (PA) University with Ethan Martin, which serves as a case study for how to choose the perfect college for you.  The interesting part is that Ethan didn’t know he was following a blueprint for success… but that’s also the scary part because so few people do! […]

038: College Spotlight on the University of Delaware with Kellsey Reed

Today’s College Spotlight is on the University of Delaware in Newark, DE, and our virtual tour guide is Kellsey Reed, who is just five weeks from graduation!  Kellsey shares interesting insights into her journey to UD and how it has positioned her to launch a rewarding career when she leaves. Kelsey didn’t initially want to […]

033: College Spotlight on Widener University with Sam Christie

Are you looking for a school with strong academics, Division III athletics, and a small-town feel with access to a major city?  Then Widener University may be the place for you! Sam Christie shares some great insights into what made Widener the perfect school for him.  Leave a question for Sam in the comments section […]

028: College Spotlight on Lehigh University with Derek Rush

Today’s College Spotlight features a graduating senior who grew up wanting to go to Lehigh… but didn’t love it during his first semester.  Derek Rush shares his story of how much Lehigh has helped him in today’s episode! Topics we discuss: The influence that family has on college attendance The importance of “finding your people,” […]

021: Owning Your Faith in College with Brian Stenson

Many Christian students and their families wrestle with this question each fall: Should I attend a Christian college or a non-Christian (secular) college?  How can I “keep the faith” while I’m at school?  Do I even want to?  Brian Stenson has a story that makes a vital point when considering this topic. Resources discussed during […]