046: Johns Hopkins University and Making the Most of the Perfect College for You

Mike Buxbaum is a junior at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD, one of the best schools on the East Coast (okay, okay, the nation.  Relax.).  Mike’s journey to Hopkins is a great example of knowing what you’re looking for in a college and then making the most of it once you arrive.  During our […]

Philadelphia Summer Academy 2016

Determine your career and choose the best college in one week!

Is your son looking forward to going to college but not sure which one is right for him?  Or maybe your daughter knows that college is the best decision after high school but is anxious about the process because she can’t determine which of a number of promising career options is best. Have you seen […]

044: Thaddeus Stevens and the Best of Both Worlds with Warren Taylor

    Links to material in or related to this conversation: Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology Manufacturing Expo/Careers in Manufacturing (podcast episode) Millersville University Drexel University Temple University California University of Pennsylvania Have a question about Thaddeus Stevens or careers in technical (STEM) fields?  Leave a question or comment below, and Warren will answer it […]

043: Eastern University and Getting the Most Value from College with Jordan Norris

What’s even better than finding the college that is right for you?  Making the most of it once you get there!  If you’re looking for the maximum return on investment from your college experience, you’ll love today’s interview with Jordan Norris. This episode is the perfect marriage between finding a “best-fit” school and then making the […]

042: West Chester University and the Blueprint for the Perfect College

Today’s episode features a College Spotlight on West Chester (PA) University with Ethan Martin, which serves as a case study for how to choose the perfect college for you.  The interesting part is that Ethan didn’t know he was following a blueprint for success… but that’s also the scary part because so few people do! […]

041: What I Wish I Would Have Done When Choosing a College with Chris Jackson

As they say, hindsight is 20/20, so what better way to plan your college experience than to see college through the lens of someone who has already gone through the process of choosing, applying, and attending? Chris Jackson is a month away from his Master’s in School Counseling, so he is preparing to help students […]

040: How to Take a Semester Off and Still Graduate on Time with Hannah Shade

So, what do you do when you discover that you don’t have any classes to take next semester?  That you’re so advanced in your program that you’ve temporarily run out of classes to take?  If you’re Hannah Shade, you go to Germany and work as an au pair, of course! Hannah shares her discovery of […]

039: Academic Success Through Personal Success with Dr. Cherita Weatherspoon

When students aren’t performing well in the classroom, the first solution offered is usually to study harder, put in more time with an instructor, or cut out extracurriculars.  However, as Dr. Cherita Weatherspoon shares in today’s episode, sometimes the path to academic success is being blocked by personal debris. Dr. Weatherspoon has worked in higher […]

038: College Spotlight on the University of Delaware with Kellsey Reed

Today’s College Spotlight is on the University of Delaware in Newark, DE, and our virtual tour guide is Kellsey Reed, who is just five weeks from graduation!  Kellsey shares interesting insights into her journey to UD and how it has positioned her to launch a rewarding career when she leaves. Kelsey didn’t initially want to […]