Which Is the Best College?

Which is the best college?  Probably Harvard.  Now that we got that out of the way, let’s ask the more important question: Which college is best for you?

Are you feeling the pressure of choosing the “best” college?  We’ve been there!  To us, asking which college is the “best” is like asking which pair of shoes is the best.  It begs the questions: For whom?  For what?

Very few students or parents are able to answer those questions, so we developed an approach to choosing a college that is refreshingly different than the norm.  Instead of relying on rankings that are, well, unreliable or gauging your choice of colleges on how well the list is received at the Thanksgiving table, we have created a unique series of powerful, insightful lessons to empower students choose the perfect college… for them!  We believe that students are capable of making this decision if they think about it in a new way.

MCLC’s paradigm-shifting approach to college selection begins with a simple question: Why are you going to college?  Using Stephen Covey’s 2nd Habit (“Begin with the End in Mind”) as inspiration, we have created four units that reverse engineer the college selection process by following this train of thought:

If I am going to college to be equipped and empowered for a great career, what career am I pursuing?

If I am pursuing a great career, what kind of life will it provide for me?

If I’m designing my life, what strengths, talents, and passions can I use to become the best person to enjoy that life?

Our course, “Choose the Perfect College… for You!” guides the student through four distinct units, culminating in the knowledge and self-determination to make the best choice for their education:

My Best Self: an exploration of the student’s unique values, strengths, talents, passions, etc.

My Best Life: a series of activities designed to define an optimal life

My Best Career: carefully selected lessons to identify a career that expresses the Best Self and creates the Best Life.

My Best College: questions that filter through the 4,000+ options to find the few schools that can provide what you need in order to have the Best Career, the Best Life, and become your Best Self.

Whether or not you take the course, we hope that you employ this thought process in choosing a college.  You’ll find yourself in the driver’s seat of a rewarding college experience!

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