050: The Writing Process and Supplemental Essays

Part 2 of a 2-part series

If you listened to the first part of my interview with Dr. Donna Kirschner, college admissions essay coach, you have the mindset you need to write a great essay.  But what about the process, the nuts and bolts of writing an essay that separates your application from the thousands of other students’ who are vying for your spot at the perfect college?  Also, how can you craft supplemental essays that show the admissions committe that you belong there?  Today’s interview goes from mindset to step-by-step!

Dr. Kirschner picks up right where we left off in last week’s interview by identifying the key components of the writing process that she uses to guide her students to a great college essay.  She emphasizes pre-writing strategies that too often go overlooked by students (and instructors) who are either new to the personal statement or who rush the process.  Pay close attention to her “ugly first draft”!

Of particular interest to many students is the supplemental essay.  (Note: they aren’t optional, even if the college says they are.  It’s a trick to separate the wheat from the chaff!)  Dr. Kirschner delivers some amazing tips on how to make the supplemental essay more than just another written response.  With her guidance and a little effort on your part, you can demonstrate how your addition to the student body is worthwhile to the school.

Dr. Kirschner combined her step-by-step writing process with three solid strategies for writing the supplemental essay to create a powerful resource and has graciously offered to share it with you for free!  Simply fill in the form below to tell us where to send the writing guide, and you’re on your way to a great essay!

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Your application will stand out from the rest when you learn Dr. Kirschner's

  • Step-by-step writing process
  • Time-tested strategies for writing supplemental essays
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