049: The Unique Importance of the College Essay

Part 1 of a 2-part series

Do you know the value of the essay in your college application?  Do you know how to take your Common App essay to the next level?  Do you know how to separate yourself from the thousands of students applying to your top-choice school?  Fortunately, Dr. Donna Kirschner does!

As an admissions essay coach, Dr. Kirschner combines her research as an anthropologist at the University of Pennsylvania with her training as a writing coach at Penn to help her students tell amazing stories through their college essays, and she shares her insights in this episode.  In fact, she brought so much value that I had to split our interview into two parts!

Part one is all mindset: how you should think about the college essay, how to see deeper layers of the prompt and your response, and how a coach can help pull those rich experiences out of you.

Part two  is “how-to,” as Dr. Kirschner details her writing process and along with important perspectives on working with a coach, the unique position of parents in college essay writing, and what to do with supplemental essays.

Dr. Kirschner has created a free resource just for listeners of this podcast!  Get the step-by-step writing process along with five keys to writing a knockout supplemental essay for free.  Just complete the request form and download the resource, and you’ll be on your way to writing an amazing essay!

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Your application will stand out from the rest when you learn Dr. Kirschner's

  • Step-by-step writing process
  • Time-tested strategies for writing supplemental essays
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