046: Johns Hopkins University and Making the Most of the Perfect College for You

Mike Buxbaum is a junior at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD, one of the best schools on the East Coast (okay, okay, the nation.  Relax.).  Mike’s journey to Hopkins is a great example of knowing what you’re looking for in a college and then making the most of it once you arrive.  During our conversation we pick apart his college selection process and hear about the opportunities that JHU affords its students.

Mike was exposed to Hopkins during his older brothers’ college visits, and this introduction to schools at an early age helped him to see colleges through three of the four lenses we teach in the “Choose the Perfect College” class: Academics, Campus Life, and Opportunities (the fourth is Finances).  What I really like about Mike’s approach to college is his perspective on playing sports.  A state champion in tennis, he had the potential to play at most Division-I schools, but instead he asked himself this question: “How far [to which opportunities] can tennis take me?”

When using the “Perfect College” lenses, Mike created the following criteria:

  • Academics: Which school can best prepare me for my desired career in the medical field?
  • Campus Life: Which activities can I participate in so that I can have the most fulfilling college experience?
  • Opportunities: Which school provides the best networking, internships, study abroad programs, etc.?

Using these criteria, Mike was able to identify his top college choice and then apply early decision, giving him the confidence to enter college and maximize his campus experience because he knew it was the best place for him.

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If you have questions for Mike about Hopkins or about playing sports in college, leave them in the comments section below!

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