043: Eastern University and Getting the Most Value from College with Jordan Norris

What’s even better than finding the college that is right for you?  Making the most of it once you get there!  If you’re looking for the maximum return on investment from your college experience, you’ll love today’s interview with Jordan Norris.

This episode is the perfect marriage between finding a “best-fit” school and then making the most of the time on campus so that your life after college goes as you planned.  I get to interview Jordan about his decision to attend Eastern University and how he got the most value from his time there, eventually landing a job in his degree field.

Following our conversation I get to break down Jordan’s decisions through the lens of how I teach my students in the “Choose the Perfect College… for You” course and the “College ROI” course.  Jordan does some great things in choosing a school, including

  • knowing which campus activities he wanted to participate in
  • matching his major with his personality
  • visiting campus
  • possessing enough self-awareness to get “that feeling” during his visit
  • knowing the type of people he wanted to go to college with

He also applied a number of recommended steps for getting maximum ROI on his time at Eastern:

  • double-majoring
  • establishing relationships with his professors
  • using career services
  • securing an internship
  • participating in campus activities, including leadership opportunities

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