038: College Spotlight on the University of Delaware with Kellsey Reed

Today’s College Spotlight is on the University of Delaware in Newark, DE, and our virtual tour guide is Kellsey Reed, who is just five weeks from graduation!  Kellsey shares interesting insights into her journey to UD and how it has positioned her to launch a rewarding career when she leaves.

Kelsey didn’t initially want to go to UD, but she tells a humorous story of how she decided to visit campus and the interesting – and seemingly insignificant – experience that helped her choose the school, reminding us of the power of a college visit.  Kellsey also shares her process of adapting to college and eventually finding her community in student government.

Kellsey highlights three of her favorite things about Delaware:

  • Its proximity to Philadelphia, Baltimore, D.C… and Newark, of course!
  • The social life, especially Main Street
  • The opportunity for activities on and off-campus

Kellsey closes the interview by noting that she’ll miss the community feel the campus, quite an accomplishment for a school its size!

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Do you have a question for Kellsey about the University of Delaware or about majoring in Nutrition and Dietetics?  Leave a comment below, and we’ll get the answer for you!

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