036: The Benefits of Accountability with Dave Dempsey

Dave Dempsey is no stranger to accountability.  As an athlete in high school he was accountable to his teammates and his coaches, and he always delivered.  But college was different because he was only really accountable to himself, which made for a difficult beginning…

Dave shares his journey at Drexel University from a rocky freshman and sophomore years to a crucial pivot he made after losing his academic scholarship and finally his graduation to a successful career.  Key to the difference between his first two years and the way he ended his degree is the accountability he received and the fact that he was willing to own his decisions.

Whom can you be accountable to for your college experience?  Whom can you hold accountable for their performance?  You’ll see the impact it can make if you are willing to invest in someone else!

Links to resources discussed or related to this conversation:

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Leave us a comment or question!  How has accountability affected your college experience… or how do you wish it had?

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