026: Making Your Mess Your Message with Adam Carroll

What happens when you wake up and realize that you’re not where you want to be in life?  What if you’ve done everything that you’re “supposed to” and it isn’t that great?  You have two options: bury your head in the sand or change and use the experience to help others – you make your mess a message.

Adam Carroll is a nationally recognized speaker in the field of college financing, but he doesn’t work for a bank.  He works for students and their families, educating them about how to pay for college without drowning in debt.  But he hasn’t always been perfect in this area; he was a “rich college kid” using credit cards and student loans to finance the life he’d been accustomed to when living with his parents.

Fortunately, a friend of his gave him a wake up call, and now Adam spends much of his time sharing that same message with college students today.  Take notes as he gives advice to college students based on what he did and what he wishes he would have done, especially the concept of “side hustle” and being entrepreneurial while in college.

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