024: How to Pay for 100% of College with Scholarships

An Interview with Jocelyn Paonita Pearson

What if you could graduate from college without any school loan debt?  Is that even possible with today’s college prices?  Who does that?  Jocelyn Paonita Pearson, that’s who!

Jocelyn tells her story of using scholarships to pay for 100% of her college expenses – not just tuition – to graduate debt-free.  At the end of the interview we’ll also make her Scholarship System program available to students and their families as well!

Jocelyn shares some key decisions she made along the way that helped her graduate without debt, including

  • Choosing a major that would only take four years
  • Understanding the true cost of college (tuition + lack of income + living expenses)
  • How to apply for scholarships the wrong way (her junior year of high school)
  • How to apply for scholarships the right way
  • The most important thing you can do to earn enough scholarship money (This one is HUGE! When she told me I was struck by how simple and effective it is.)
  • The fact that you can actually save money while you’re going to college (and a really cool thing to do with that money!)

Resources that we discuss during the conversation (or related to Jocelyn’s work):

The Scholarship System free workshop!

The Scholarship System book

College Board’s Scholarship Handbook 2016

Jocelyn’s articles on The Huffington Post

Succeed Faster conference with Adam Carroll, one of Jocelyn’s mentors (episodes 014 and 026)

The Scholarship Essay Check service

The University of South Carolina

Clemson University

Leave a question for Jocelyn!  I will forward her any questions about scholarships, and she will answer them as part of her upcoming webinar. 

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