022: Making College Work for You with Riana Catanzaro

While some students find the school that captures the perfect combination of personal preferences and career preparation, others are faced with the reality of giving up certain things that they want in a college in order to get what’s most important.

Riana Catanzaro, who will graduate from the Fashion Institute of Technology in just three years, offers a valuable perspective for students in the second camp, those who prioritize the desired destination over some of the frills available at other schools.   Riana gives students and families great advice during our conversation, including:

  • Knowing the major you want to pursue and which schools have it
  • Knowing what you don’t want to study is just as important!
  • Merging two passions and competencies
  • Location factors in choosing a college (not West Coast, but yes to NYC)

Riana also discusses the particulars of choosing FIT and the factors she weighed.

What she gave up by going to FIT:

  • A sports culture on campus
  • Hometown ties
  • Extracurriculars
  • Long-standing friendships

The benefits of going to school at FIT:

  • Learning about herself
  • New experiences
  • Stepping outside her comfort zone (see episode 25 for a great discussion about this topic!)
  • Preparation for work after college
  • Networking
  • Internships

Lastly, Riana closes the conversation with advice to students who are planning to attend college.  Take notes!

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