017: PA School for Global Entrepreneurship with Corway Chao

How can you get a taste of a career if you’re in high school?  Use your summer to participate in an experience that exposes you to different types of careers, people from all over the world, and real-life application of your skills.  Take a break from applying for summer jobs and listen to what Corway Chao has to say about the Pennsylvania School for Global Entrepreneurship!

Corway shares the day-to-day of the summer experience as well as the characteristics that make PSGE unique and impactful.  He is quick to credit the school with exposing him to people from all over the world, showing him how entrepreneurship really works, and developing intrapersonal and interpersonal skills that he used to get into college.  If you are looking for something to help you direct your career path, this may be it!

Resources related to this episode and topic:

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Leave a comment!  We’d love to learn more about great summer experiences like PSGE.  If you (or if you’re a parent, your child) did something that helped you decide on a career, choose a college, or grow as a person, share it with the community!  We’d love to pass it along or have you on the show to share with our listeners.

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