016: Guiding Your Multi-talented Student through the College Process with Karen Henkels

How do you advise a student who is gifted academically and in the arts?  What if he or she doesn’t know which major to study or which career to pursue?  You start by learning from others who have gone through the process!

Karen Henkels shares her experience navigating the college selection process with her firstborn, a National Merit Scholar with obvious musical talent.  Having had time to reflect on the journey, she offers perspective to parents in a similar situation.

Karen discusses these topics:  

  • Being an over-involved parent in the college selection process
  • Steering one’s child away from a degree in the arts because of a perceived lack of value
  • The need for parents to separate their experience with college from their children’s plans
  • The trouble that multi-talented students have in choosing a direction, especially the idea of wasting “more intellectual talent” to pursue the arts
  • The value of taking a year off for students who are gifted but who lack direction.
  • The fine line of what you want for your child versus what you want for yourself as a parent
  • How to tell whether a school is a good fit for your child (see below for a free resource!)

Links to resources mentioned to this episode:


Ithaca College

American University

Temple University

National Merit Scholarship

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