014: Strategies for Paying for College with Adam Carroll

One of the biggest challenges that students and their families face when choosing whether or not to attend college (and after that, which college to attend) is how to pay for it.  It’s no secret that college attendees are seldom equipped to pay their school loan debt once they leave school and often struggle for years to pay it back.  But what if you could pay for school before you graduate?

Adam Carroll has spent more than a decade working with high school and college students, empowering them to leave school without student loan debt or at the least to formulate a plan for paying it down as quickly as possible upon leaving school.  He has worked with students at 500+ universities and has two TED Talk presentations that bring much needed attention to concerns about paying for college.  He shares many of his strategies on today’s episode, so take good notes!

We discuss:

  • Tough conversations that parents need to have with students before they go off to college
  • How to earn credits before you begin college
  • Resources and strategies for earning scholarship money (and the reasons that students leave money on the table!)
  • Why students need to think differently about money
  • How paying for college can be a means of gaining experience for a career
  • … and how a gumball machine can pay for books!

Resources to explore further:

Adam’s website

National Financial Educators

Winning the Money Game book

TEDx London Business School

“When Money Isn’t Real” (TEDx UWM)

Scholarship Mastery (a free course on getting scholarships!)

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