011: Plan B Path to College

Tom Bell, a senior at Drexel University, shares that his journey to college was not as smooth and straightforward as he thought it would be.  However, what he learned along the way can help all students who are choosing colleges or currently attending!

Tom discusses some of the lessons that come with having one’s Plan A end in a brick wall, including

  • the importance of a support system
  • the value of work to provide context to one’s classes (a.k.a. internship!)
  • the benefit that taking a college class had on his perception of college and renewed desire to attend
  • how much more he appreciates his degree because of the path he took to earn it

He also recognizes that there are typically multiple ways to whatever your desired end point is, in his case a business degree from a top-notch college.

Resources we discuss in the interview:

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