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Providing much needed context to an overwhelming amount of information and options, MyCollegeLifeCoach.com is your resource for making great decisions about your education and your life.

What is MyCollegeLifeCoach.com?  For that matter, what is a college life coach?

MyCollegeLifeCoach.com is a place for students and families who want to discover great educational options and who are eager to make the most of those opportunities once they find them.  The blog, podcast, courses, and community of students and parents work together to equip students to make the best educational choices and empower them to get the greatest value possible from whichever path they choose.  We encourage you to join our community and not only learn what you need to, but pass on to others what you have experienced.

College life coaching is likely different than anything you’ve encountered before, and we think that’s a good thing.  Too often we see education or career creation as a unique chapter in our lives, separate from the other facets that make up our story.  We realize that college plays a crucial role in determining one’s career, but also in setting the trajectory of a young person’s life, including relationships, finances, self-efficacy, etc.  That’s why coaching students about life while in college is so important!

Our exclusive, individualized approach to career discovery and college selection helps high school and college students make great decisions about their education and career so that they don’t waste valuable time and thousands of dollars in the wrong classes, major, or even university.

We offer a variety of ways to access resources for choosing a career, major, and college.  Click here to learn which is best for you!


What students are saying about working with My College Life Coach’s services:

Heather (a student at Ursinus College): “I was lucky enough to have Sam give me guidance throughout my college search.  Though the whole process was intimidating and made me feel apprehensive, he was able to alleviate many of my fears and I could tell he really cared.  Sam made me think a lot about what I wanted for myself, which proved very beneficial.”

Kevin (a student at UC Berkeley): “While writing my essay, I had little idea of how I was doing.  The College Essay Check service was able to help me by providing tips as well by proofreading and revising my essay.  They really know all about the process and what to include; without their help, my essay would’ve been much less organized.  I definitely recommend My College Life Coach as a valuable resource for anyone looking for not only essay help, but help with the college process in general.”

Tucker (a student at Washington & Jefferson): “Throughout my entire college search I had been looking at only a few factors: location, academic programs, and campus life.  But Sam reminded me that college is a full circle experience and should provide you with every opportunity possible.  For me, it was chasing my dream of being a collegiate athlete.  Today, I couldn’t be happier with my decision.  My only regret is I didn’t talk to him sooner.”

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